Environmental Policy

JS Contract Cleaning Ltd recognises its responsibility to care for and improve the environment.

The Company is committed to take an active interest in environmental issues and in working to achieve best practices wherever possible as part of our overall business strategy.

JS Contract Cleaning Ltd aims to:

  • Minimise waste and effluent from our operations and recycle wherever possible.
  • To maintain company vehicles in good order such that they emit minimum emissions.


  • To work with our suppliers to use minimum levels of packaging and to use recyclable materials wherever possible.
  • Recycle office and on-the-job waste wherever possible.
  • To supply products that are or can be recycled, and to promote recycling procedures.


  • To use materials that have no detrimental effect on the environment with special consideration for our rivers, waterways, wildlife and the atmosphere.
  • Use chemical dispensers into reusable spray bottles wherever possible.
  • Use washable and re-usable mop heads where possible
  • Wash and reuse cleaning cloths

Emergency Procedures

  • To always adopt correct handling and storage procedures to minimise the risk of accidental release of any environmentally hazardous material.

View this Environmental Policy as a PDF: JS Contract Cleaning Environmental Policy

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